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Blockchain technology has limitless possibilities in its evergrowing market, however, current businesses encounter issues that limit blockchain's performance, for example, lack of regulatory omission, experimental software development with unproven security, poor maintenance solutions that deteriorate the update process and result in a lack of planning for the long-term future of protocols.

SmartPulsar Technology has a team of experienced developers that foresee upcoming challenges and develop projects for years to come. We create solutions that adapt to blockchain's most efficient and tested technologies which allow for scalable projects!

Our projects

These projects were proudly developed by SmartPulsar Technology.

Technologies we use

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Many industrial and service sectors are interested in technologies that allow for horizontal decision-making, sharing of these decisions and guaranteeing their inviolability. This challenge proposes to study problems of decentralization and exchanges by so-called smart contracts and the different associated blockchain technologies.

Cybersecurity and attack detection

In addition to addressing challenges on the detection of attacks and weak signals, we are also interested in homomorphic encryption algorithms for data more and more protected.

Edge computing

This challenge offers an alternative to the cloud to meet security constraints or low latency. The purpose of this type of approach is to propose increasingly robust and available processing and storage architectures by making rational choices between local treatment and global treatment.

Implementing the Internet of Things

The connectivity and interoperability of objects to be connected must take into account different constraints (real time, energy, storage depth, etc.). Federated networks of connected and communicating objects raise challenges around the standards of interoperability, security, data processing (local vs global), etc.

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